I’m Back!!


I must admit that I have been remiss in making posts to our blog. We have been very busy and have already accomplished more than ever imagined. As of today, I am going to use the blog to keep everyone up to date on what is happening in our class, what we will be doing, and what is expected. I will be listing the agenda and any graphics that we complete each day. This way everyone can stay current.


After looking at the agenda for the day, it was decided that “busy” was the word of the day. The journal topic was posted and writing began at a furious pace. Even though only 10 sentences are required this topic generated much more. See what I mean…

a topic near and dear to EVERY 8th graders heart. As one can guess the “should” side had many more supporters.

This is Friday and of course that means


Last week nouns, this week verbs, next week adjectives/adverbs, and the beat goes on. Preparation, practice, and study makes a student (or should I say  a parent) a happy person when these come back scored. Ask your student how they are progressing. More to come soon on grading and the process we will be using this year.

Charles, the reading selection for the week, was a boy after our hearts and everyone could identify with him while writing a Text-to-Self Literary Response about this story. These will be completed Tuesday and we will move on to Text-to-Text responses.

Don’t forget that the screenshots of the verb practice are due by Tuesday. Taking the screenshots of this practice saved us a lot of paper while making use of our Netbook technology. This is definitely a skill we will be using over and over. Good job all.

Have a wonderful long weekend and remember to read our blog daily, both parents and students and comments are more than welcome. See you Tuesday.


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