Searching, searching, searching…


Today I explained to the students that I would be posting the agenda and instructions everyday on this blog. They gave me a lot of helpful suggestions about what to include and how it could be better used. It’s amazing how many things great students can come up with. They can use this to know what the assignments are and, if they are absent, they can check to see what was missed. Here is the agenda for today. Hopefully you can get an idea of what the plans were. Here is a more detailed breakdown of what was happening in room G134 today:

Daily Language Review – subject/verb agreement, idioms, punctuation,

possessive phrases

21st Century Digital Information Model (Standard W.8.8)

Watched a video of Learn the Net  (Standard W.8.8)             

YouTube 15 second search tips

Practiced Search Tips & reviewed basic Google search skills

(Standard W.8.8)

Introduced “A Google A Day” website

INSTRUCTIONS to access this: Log on to A Google A

“X” out of the intro page

There is a question at the bottom for each day. You will search to find the answer.

Type in the answer and keep trying until you get it correct.

Take a screen shot and send it to me for points and mastery of “I Can”statement for that standard.

Rules of Discussion (Standard SL.8.1)  These were notes, if you don’t have them you need to copy them in your notebook. (SL Tab)

1. Think before you speak.

2. Listen carefully to what others say.

3. Do NOT interrupt when someone else is speaking.

4. Make use of what others have to say when it is your turn to speak.

5. Only say what you truly believe.

6. Do NOT remain silent. Make sure you contribute.

7. Let other people speak. Do NOT hog the discussion.

8. Support good ideas other people have, even if they are different from yours.

9. Search for the best solution, even if it is different from what you thought at first.

**These skills will be implemented in the next few days when we work in small groups to practice discussions.


Who knew it could be so much fun to learn all of these things. The students are really doing a fantastic job and make this teacher a very happy person every day.

Here are the ASSIGNMENTS for tomorrow:

1. Go to the blog and either the student or parent post a comment. If you are reading this you are there. YEAH! This will be for points.

2. Go to A Google A Day website and answer the question for today, take a screen shot and send it to me. This is also for points and mastery of the “I Can” statement for that standard. We will do tomorrow’s question in class.

3. Have the text-to-self literary response complete. Guidelines and corrections will be done tomorrow. This is over the story Charles page 344 in the Prentice Hall Literature book (the black and red one).

That about sums it up for today. Have a great evening. Today was a great day and I know that tomorrow will be even better.


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