Oh adjectives, where art thou…


Today was again a very full day. I really think that is the order for each day. Also, having a big thunderstorm didn’t seem to help our concentration, along with the rain,the students seem to be soaking it all in. Here is the daily agenda:

There wasn’t enough time to work on the Literary Responses, but tomorrow we should get to them. Adjectives took a little more time than expected. Below is what we did cover today.

Daily Language Review – Capitalizing titles, hyphens, word meanings, poetry, & plurals

Review: blogs and A Google A Day, send the screenshots for both of these

ADJECTIVES – (this is in all capitals because WOW! some students forgot what this means and alot of practice and review could be needed) Notes, discussion, explanation, practice, and assignment.

Smart Keyword Searching Activity – assignment due Monday (9-10-2012)

It’s funny how easy it is to forget basic parts of speech and their purposes. These are all in the standards for mastery, so “a mastering” we will go. This week the standards we are working on not only include adjectives, but Speaking & Listening (SL).8.1, Writing (W).8.8, W.8.7, W.8.5, W.8.6, SL.8.5, along with daily language review, journal writing, and literary response.


Noun & adjectice practice – due tomorrow

Smart Keyword Searching – due Monday 9-10-2012

A Google A Day question

Check the blog and completely read it. There could be a “secret mission” listed there.

This may be short today because I am off to an evening of tutoring and teaching at Ivy Tech. I just can’t get enough language arts. Thanks to all of you for being such good students and doing such a good job. You are the BEST!

SECRET MISSION: If you choose to accept this mission you will receive either a P.R.I.D.E. Paw or bonus points – your choice. Don’t tell anyone – make them read this themselves.

**We can always use extra pencils. If you bring in at least one tomorrw, either new or used, you will satisfied this mission.


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