Email,email, everywhere an email…


Sending a formal email was accomplished today. Not only sending, but composing and following directions. This was a job well done. If I were looking at these for a job opening I would have had many amazing candidates to choose from. Here are the other items covered from today:

This is what the assignemnt, which is due tomorrow looked like.

This is a small version, but you will recognize it when you see it. If it is sent from home remember to turn in the paper to me so I can grade it.

Tomorrow will be the day to expand our knowlegde regarding Literary Responses. Having already wrote a text-to-self response without guidelines, it will be interesting to see how many changes there are once the correct format and writing guidelines are added. The students need to go through the Power Point attached to be ready for class tomorrow. There is always the possibility that there sould be some quizzing going on over this material.

Also, we can’t forget our quest for superior grammar skills and adjectives/adverbs are the part of speech for the week. The Exit Ticket will not be taken until next Tuesday due to a short week this week. For extra practice go to:  Use code    eck 8002


1. Email assignment submitted and paper turned in for grading

2. Smart Keyword Searching assignment – keep working on this, due on Monday

3. Check blog and do what was asked

I must be off to grade the 723 assignments that have been sent to me. All of these make me a happy teacher, but wondering so much to do, so little time.






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