Blogging, how fun…


This blog has been very enjoyable but is about to get very EXCITING! Students will now be adding their thoughts, information, announcements, stories, etc. to the site every day. They are overflowing with wonderful additions that all of our readers will love.

Today was a busy day, even though it was Friday. No time off at NJHS. here is what was on the agenda:

Also, our journal today was more of an introduction to the world of blogging. WOW, everyone really got into the swing of this.

After discussing all of the possibilities, the students wrote their own posts. The following are a few of them, with more to come every day.



Starting tomorrow, at 6:00 P.M., a tennis tournament will take place at Wesselman Park.  There are about 62 people entered in this tournament, including myself.  I entered in the mixed doubles category with my assistant coach, Brandon.  We are planned to play 2 other teams.  I will be at the courts from 5:45 to about 10:30 or 11:00 tonight.  I will be there at 5:45 to cheer on another team I know, and I will also be there till about 10:30 or 11:00 because my own match starts at 9:00.

I enjoy playing tennis and it has always been apart of my life.  I started playing when I was 7 years old and I am going to continue playing and hope to get a scholarship in the future.  When I moved to Evansville I never had a sport I loved.  I tried soccer and I never had a passion for it, so I quit.  The same result happened when I tried dance.  I had never played tennis a day in my life when I first started.  My tennis coach told my mom and my dad that she knew I would be the one, out of the three kids, to stick with the sport.  She also saw that passion, I was looking for, the day I started lessons.  As it turns out, my two sisters quit about a year ago and I have stayed with the sport.  I play tennis twice a week for about 3 hours a practice.  I can see this sport being apart of my life forever. Tennis, that’s my game!


         There are many species that are endangered due to poachers. One endangered species is my favorite animal, the Giant Panda. Giant Pandas are found in bamboo forests in China. Giant pandas stand at about 4 feet when on all fours, and about 6 feet when on it’s hind legs. They can weigh up to 250 pounds,but the males are usually bigger than the females. There are only about 1,000 wild pandas left, and 140 pandas in zoos across the globe. Wild pandas live about 17 years, and captive pandas live about 22 years, however, the longest living panda died at age 34. Pandas mainly eat bamboo, but a little bit of meat (rodents) as well. Pandas have liters of 1-2 baby pandas. I hope you have learned about pandas and want to help them. Here is a link to watch a live panda:!/videos/player/panda-weekly-highlights-hang-in-there


My thought of the day is about Speech Team. These past weeks the whole Speech Team is working really hard to get ready for our first meet of the season, that was on Wednesday. For the first meet we traveled to Glennwood, to compete against out fellow schools.  We did pretty good, for the first meet, with barely any practice before-hand! When we got there we all started cramming our brains with the scripts before the first round. My partners, Alexis Barnett and Alexa Unfried, were practicing with me as well. The team was well-prepared as we went into our judging rooms, with butterflies in our stomachs. After both rounds were finished, the scores were added up, and then came the winning schools. Washington got 1st, North got 2nd, and Glennwood placing 3rd. On Wednesday, September 18, our Round Robin will be held! Hopefully we get first!



The cross country team has been practicing every Tuesday and Thurday each week until 4:00p.m. Tomorrow, Saturday September 8, North Junior High’s cross country members will compete in a meet. The meet will be held at USI. The girl’s race will commence at 11:00a.m and the boy’s will begin a little before. Our next meet is Tuesday, September 11 at Angel Mounds. Everyone is looking foward to competing in both races! It will be exciting to see how we do. The top fifteen runners from the boys and girls will race in district on September 24. From there, only seven female and male runners are aloud to represent their school. I am hoping North Junior High girl’s cross country team will once again be first in city. This will be my third year running cross country, and each year that I have ran we have won city. Hopefully this year will be no different!


Tommorrow North Junior High cub team has a football game. This game is against Memorial at Memorial. We have to be at North by 6:30 a.m. in order to ride the bus to Memorial. The starting time of the game is at 8:30. If we miss the bus we can not play. Right now we are 3-0.In our latest game against Henderson South we won 35-0. Memorial is suppose to be a big challenge for us. Last year we were not all that good finishing the season at 1-6. So if we win this game against Memorial we will be 4-0, which would be great.


My thought of the day is about my upcoming hip hop class at Shannon’s School of Dance.  Our class usually consists of approximately thirty individuals, and is taught by our teacher/choreographer Mike Harris.  This class takes place on Friday nights from 5:30 to 6:30, until the end of May. We start our with a warm up, which consists of Mike doing different moves over and over with the music and having the whole class repeat it with him.

Then we go onto learning choreography. Mike teaches us a few eight counts, and then goes over it multiple times until the class is synchronized and everyone understands the moves. Over the years, the choreography advances into harder levels, while introducing us to different styles of hip hop and music.  Mike teaches us that hip hop doesn’t just have to be to upbeat, rap music.  It can also be to slow, soothing piano music.  At the end of the class, we have a freestyle session, where we all get up and present random moves we think of off the top of our heads.  This time is also for presenting dances we’ve learned or made up outside of the class.

Hip hop is all about how you interpret it, and it truly is an art.  People are starting to really appreciate hip hop, not just because they like the music, but because of the many different styles, and the way the pieces are presented.  Mike really tries to make our choreography show the art of the music, apposed to just getting out there and dancing to the music.  Instead, he has us go out and have fun, while dancing with, not to the music.  I always look forward to hip hop on Friday nights!

Great job by these students and I know everyone will be looking forward to future posts. Who knows what you might find out, learn, or explore all right here on our blog.

Literary Response and Adverbs were also part of  a full day. After all of that we are ready for a much deserved rest. Have a super weekend. See you Monday.


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