Prepositions for everyone…


This post is REALLY for today, September 13, 2012. It is good to be back on track again and the agenda proves it.

Prepositions were the words of the day, with notes, discussion, and even a little bee that showed where he had been. Magazines were used in their groups to find prepositional phrases and how they are used everyday. It’s funny, when you look for them, they really are used in everyday writing.

Here are some resources to help you with your Preposition proficiency (if needed):

List of common prepositions:

Preposition basics:

Very BASIC review:

Credibility concerning websites was also discussed. This is covered in our writing standards and it will be knowledge that can be used throughout the rest of the students’ educational career. Who knew we needed to be so careful when finding information online???

Tomorrow should be a fun day. We will be having group discussions, following the rules of course, listening to Mr. Huff read our final piece of 9/11 information, and beginning the new Literary Response. FULL day = FUN day!

Here are the Thoughts For the Day:

Elaina Adams-

Animal Palooza


On September 22 2012 “Animal Palooza” is going on at 5722 Vann Road, Newburgh, IN. Animal Palooza is an event that will help local shelters, re-homing animals, and reuniting lost pets with their familys. This event is being thrown by Warrick Humane Society. There will be music,featuring Andrea Wirth! There will be tons of games and things to do. There will also be face painting(done by Elaina Adams and some artists in collage). It should be a lot of fun for the whole family. Children under 12 are free and adult tickets are 10.00! All the money goes to local animal shelters to help aide pets with needs. Stop by at 10am to midnight to have some fun! Please come and join us, and check us out on our page!visit the Animalpalooza website.

Holly Witten –

I love changing up my hairstyles.  Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know how to do different hairstyles.  One of my favorite hairstyles is a simple french braid.This style is very easy.  Just follow these steps.

1. Brush the hair to remove all the knots.

2. Gather the hair at the top of the head and divide it into three sections.

3. To begin the braid, cross the right section over the middle section. Then repeat this move with the left section.

4. Before repeating your cross-over motion with the right hand, gather a little bit more hair from the right side of the head, and add it to the section.  Then cross this portion of the hair over the middle section.

5. Gather the left section of hair and cross it over the middle.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until you have gathered all the additional strands. Finish at the bottom with a regular braid.

7. Once you have finished this, tie the end of the hair with a hair band, wrapping it tightly around the hair.

Everyone has such great blog ideas, I can’t wait to feature all of them.




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