WOW! Gee, where has the week gone…


As you can probably tell, interjections, along with prepositions and conjunctions, are front and center this week. The agendas for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday look like this:


Monday was started with instruction on how to prepare and write an outline to write a Text-to-text Literary Response in reference to the books, videos, and chronology that was covered last week. Then stories were written in groups using the 18 prepositional phrases that they found in magazines. Along with this the groups chose roles for all of their members.

Tuesday continued to be busy, busy, busy. Today was dedicated to being a BIG work day so that everyone would have all of the references that were needed for Wednesday’s class. Everyone was very busy and, of course, being able to use their Netbooks and listen to music didn’t hurt at all. The work that was covered was; preposition practice, interjections (including the School House Rock jingle) continued writing of the outline leading to the final paper, and finally assessing whether many websites were credible sources to use.

Today it was bell to bell learning. I have to say that with students like I am priviledged to have even work is enjoyable. The text structure of compare and contrast was covered and answers for this popped up all around. A musical rendition of the School House Rock conjunction song sparked the notetaking and discussion. Of course, this week, what is a day without preposition review and lastly the introduce of couplets. These look like they will be a lot of fun and with all of the creativity in these classes they should be amazing.


Here is what is due soon:

Literary Response Outline – Thursday

Final Paper – Monday

Credibility Website chart – Friday

Couplet – Thursday    I will be putting some information about grading on the blog soon and that should clear up some concerns. Hope everyone has a wonderful evening!


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