It’s been a long time, but here we go again…


Hello Everyone,

This will be me all next week.  My family and I are going to Seaside, Florida for the Thanksgiving holiday next week. While I am gone Mrs. Martin will be here

and I know that you will enjoy her being with you. After you read this you will then read the next post and complete whatever task that is there. Turn your completed work into Mrs. Martin each day (Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday)

I have also put the task sheet on this post so if you don’t have yours you can access it here. I am really going to try and post a task sheet each day when I get back, along with the work assigned each day. Bear with me, it takes a while to get the hang of this, especially when I get really busy. I think this will be helpful to you, let me know what you think.

Here is the task sheet for Monday & Tuesday. You will be watching the Flowers for Algernon movie on Wednesday.


Tuesday, November 19, 20, 21, 2012

Hello Again Everyone,

I am on vacation for the Thanksgiving holiday.

Here is your task sheet for today. You know how to use this.

  1. ALL BLOCKS – Start the period with working on either Acuity (Blocks 1, 2, 3) or Achieve 3000 (Block 1 only). You will be doing this for about 20 minutes.
  2. ALL BLOCKS – The assignment is worksheets pages 7 & 8 and 12 & 15.
  • Pages 7 –Using your book, go through the story and compare how Charlie’s life was before surgery and after. Follow the directions and use quotations and statements from the book to support your answer. All of these should have evidence from the story – word for word, along with your explanation. If you need more space do this on your own paper and staple to the worksheet.
  • Page 8 – Draw a Venn diagram to compare Charlie to Algernon. A Venn diagram is the two overlapping circles where what traits they share go in the shared section. You should have quite a few of these comparisons, these can be in your own words or stated from the story.
  • Page 12 – Use your Netbooks and find the definitions for these types of intelligences.
  • Page 15 – After you have found the definitions for the types of intelligences on page 12 then match the type of intelligence to the adjectives on this page and tell why. If you don’t know what the adjectives mean, look them up.
  • You will have Monday and Tuesday to work on these assignments. They ate due Wednesday. If you finish early then you can work on Acuity or Achieve 3000 (Block 1). Remember Acuity needs to be completed by Monday, November 26, 2012. This is the last week to do it at school; otherwise you must complete it at home.

Now, I am certain that all of you know the proper way to behave whether I am at school or not. Mrs. Martin will expect the same behavior as I do. Please remember that your voice level should NEVER be above a “1”. If she has to leave a name, I will issue an after school detention, with NO questions asked. You will not need to ask a lot of questions because this task sheet covers everything. I can be reached by email if there is any need (

Please mark these tasks off as you complete them and be caught up each day. If you are not, there might not be a movie. You should have no trouble making progress on these if you are working.  I will praise you in advance for the amazing behavior and hard work will do when I am gone. Email me if you need something, I should be able to reply fairly quickly. Please make me proud, as you always do! I will finally be back tomorrow, and I am happy about that. Funny thing is, I miss you when I am not here. Behave and have a wonderful Thanksgiving. Try to save some time to read something and maybe work on Acuity, if you’re not finished.

You are the BEST!!!

Now read the next post to see what your daily post questions are. Do these and when finished turn them in. A comment to me would be really nice too! Have a good day.



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