ACUITY, are we ready yet…


This was the look on my cat’s face when he was picked up at the vet after our vacation. This isn’t him, but he looked about this unhappy. Maybe if we dressed him in a Christmas suit he would get some holiday cheer.

It is good to be back to school with all of you. It is even nicer that the reports left while I was gone were very good. This doesn’t surprise me.

Every day, or most days, I am going to put something on the blog. You will be required to complete whatever task is there and turn it in the next day. There will be NO make-up with this work. If you are absent it is due the day you return, unless other arrangements have been made. The posts should be on by 8:00pm, if there is nothing there at that time you will know there is nothing for that day. I would love to get pictures, etc. to put on each day. If you have anything interesting please send it to me so it can be shared with everyone.

Here is today’s activity:

Rewrite the sentences inserting the correct punctuation.

1. The ginkgo tree whose leaves turn bright yellow in the fall came to this country from Asia

2. The address for the governor’s mansion is 391 West Ferry Road Atlanta Georgia

3. The villagers enjoyed fairs festivals and good conversation

4. When the intermission was over the members of the audience moved back to their seats

5. Andy took the elevator to the third floor rushed into the office and asked to see his father

Again, these will be due tomorrow at the beginning of class. Remember ALL Acuity Custom Tests are due this Friday, November 30. All other work from last week is due by this Wednesday, November 28.

**If you have any sticky notes, of any kind, please bring them to class with you tomorrow. Also, make sure and have your free reading book with you EVERYDAY, I will be checking. We are going to read at least 20 minutes each day.**

Have a good evening!


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