Thank You, M’am, what a nice thing to say…


Today was the day to rearrange the room and change seats. We used the “stick” method to assign places, that way everyone got a fair chance.

It seems as though reading the blog was too much for many of the students to do. Hopefully, after much discussion participation will be up tomorrow. Remember there are points given for the activities assigned each day.

Today we began our journey to become better, more active readers. This will be a way for you to become “active” instead of “passive” readers. I can’t wait to see where this road takes us and how far we come.

Task Sheet for November 27, 2012

  • Changed seats
  • Discussed “marking” text, I DO, YOU DO (this means I will model what I want you to do and then you will practice it) on Thursday
  • Free reading
  • Listened to “Thank You, M’am” p. 356-359 (Black/red book, Prentice Hall)

**Here is the activity for today. This is due TOMORROW at the beginning of the period – NO late or make-up accepted.

Write the dialogue (what’s being spoken).

1. Oh no Max exclaimed I think that Dr. Holmes was referring to Eliot the novelist, not Eliot the poet.

2.  No the taxi driver said curtly I cannot get you to the airport in fifteen minutes.

3.  Mary is trying hard in school this semester her father said.

Write yes if the sentence contains dialogue, or write no if the sentence doesn’t contain dialogue.  If it has dialogue, write it correctly.

4.  Catherine said that she did not want to interfere.

5.  The exhibition was opened last week Ann explained.

6.  Ann explained that the exhibition had opened last week.

This can be done on scrap paper, but the sentences have to be written out.

What is needed for class Wednesday:


Free reading book. This is a requirement starting today.



CHARGED Netbook to take Acuity Practice Test


Supplies needed for Thursday, November 28, 2012:



Sticky notes, if you have any



Highlighter, if you want to use one. This would be helpful.



Classroom necessities we could really use:


Kleenex, we have none right now and noses need blowing




Pencils, everyone forgets now and then and needs to use these


Just wondering if anyone would be interested in ordering from Scholastic books? We will be using a free reading book EVERY day so this might come in handy. Also, every time an order is placed there are bonus points earned so we can order books for our classroom library. Ask your parents, they are always happy to buy books, and we can talk about it tomorrow in class.   

Make sure you read the blog carefully and have everything completed and ready for class tomorrow. Show someone at home our blog and what we are doing in class. Maybe they can follow us and make a comment too!

See you tomorrow, rockstars!



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