Tomorrow is a BIG day…


we will be taking the second Acuity test, Predictive B. If you remember, all of you set goals for how to improve on this round of Acuity testing. Today when you took the practice test, some of you did really well, while others not so great. This is a big deal and the results are VERY important. So you need to concentrate, take your time, and think!!! Originally the test was scheduled for Friday, but it had to be moved because you will be going over to the high school for freshman counseling on that day.

Task Sheet, Wednesday, November 28, 2012

  • Acuity Practice Test – if you were absent or didn’t finish you need to do this. Log on to Acuity, click TESTS, then Language Arts, and then take Kassenbrock 1. DO NOT do anything with the Predictive B entry. Email me the number you got correct.
  • Free reading when finished

Your activity for today will be a journal entry:

Knowing that tomorrow you will be taking the Acuity Predictive B Test, how will you prepare to do the best you can. What will you do before the test and during the test to get the highest score you can. Think about the goals you set for improvement. Do you think you will reach these goals? If so, why? If not, why?

**Remeber to write at least 10 sentences. Think about this topic before you write. When you are finished let a parent read this and then have them sign it. If it is not signed you will not get credit.

I will be your best cheerleader. I know that all of you are very capable of doing your best and improving your score from last time, but if you don’t try your hardest I could easily turn into

The Grinch and I will be watching over you all of the time.

Supplies for tomorrow, November 29, 2012:

  • CHARGED Netbook
  • Free reading book

Other things needed:

  • Sticky notes (Friday)
  • Highlighters (anytime)
  • Kleenexes (always)
  • Pencils (we are out!)

Put some thought into the activity tonight and don’t forget to get it signed.

See you tomorrow, ready to do great things!


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