Best Laid Plans…



have a way of making things confusing. When Block 1 tried to start taking Acuity Predictive B today we, along with Mrs. Yates’s class, discovered that Acuity was NOT working. Well, let me just say that caused us a bit of stress. Now that it is working, I can’t wait to see the amazing scores that start coming in. Yeah for the rockstars in my classes.

TASK SHEET, Novemebr 29, 2012:

  • ACUITY TEST Predictive B
  • Free reading when finished or Block 1 Achieve 3000


This will be another writing assignment in journal form. Follow the same guidelines: at least 10 sentences, answer everthing in the prompt, and HAVE A PARENT SIGN IT WHEN YOU ARE FINISHED.

Now that you have taken ACUITY Predictive B, how would you rate your performance. Did you do as well as you wanted to? Did you reach the goals that you previously set? What do you need to do before the next test, Predictive C, is taken?


  • CHARGED Netbook
  • Sticky Notes – if possible
  • Highlighter – optional
  • Free reading book – required, we will be reading tomorrow

 **We are in NEED of more books for our classroom library. After Christmas these books will play a huge role in what we are doing in the classroom. If possible, if you have any books at home that you are finished with and don’t need anymore, it would be really, really helpful if you could send them to school for the classroom library. We can sure use them. Thank you in advance for any help you can give with this.

Last thought:

  If this is how you felt today after taking the Acuity Test, then keep in mind that you will have plenty of opportunities to improve next time. The ultimate goal is for everyone to do their very best and I know that everyone will be working toward that goal individually too. After the next test this is how you should look and feel about your performance.                                            

You are the BEST!!

***Remember, Kleenexes and pencils make everyone happy!!! Also, I would like everyone to sign up to follow the blog. I will give everyone who signs up a “PAW”. If your parents sign up to follow it I will give you a “PAW” for them too. You could get a grand totel of 3 “PAWS” if you and both of your parents sign up. Pretty good deal if you ask me.

Have a good evening.


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