We’re in a “STICKY” situation…


sticky note 1


Today was the day to explore text marking, the ability to mark a text for the main ideas and details. We are going from being passive readers to active readers. Instead of “just” reading, the students will be reading with a purpose. This purpose is to be able to get the most out of what they are reading, whether it is fiction or nonfiction.

The “sticky note” method seems to be a winner. The students go through the text and mark it however they like while putting the main ideas, any questions they have, vocabulary, etc. on a “sticky”note. Once this is completed the notes can be organized and used for study purposes. Using this method makes reading and learning more focused and is a real time saver, and everyone is a fan of this.

Also, we will be doing independent reading every day. The skills will be embedded into each person’s individual choice of book. Please remember that the book chosen needs to be one that is finished, so choose wisely.


  • Free reading
  • Text marking – don’t forget to try and get your own “sticky notes”   ***ASSIGNMENT: Mark the text on the article “The Trouble With Texting” – Due tomorrow


Directions: Choose the option that will fix the comma error.

1. During lunch, at the campus cafeteria, Mildred noticed the dirty tables, the overworked cashiers, and the exorbitant price for a watery soda.

A. Should you remove the comma after lunch?

B. Or should you remove the comma after cashiers?

2. Melissa couldn’t study for her comma quiz, because she was joy riding on the Enterprise with Mr. Spock, whom the US Air Force chased with its fastest jets.

A. Should you remove the comma after quiz?

B. Or should you remove the comma after Mr. Spock?

3. The slimy smelly lettuce on my burrito made me ask the manager to return my 99 cents.

A. Should you add a comma after slimy?

B. Or should you add a comma after burrito?

4. Sitting in the atrium, Marcus chatted pleasantly with a pretty student from his chemistry class, but then he had to leave suddenly, because he noticed that he had only thirty seconds to get to Professor Spottke’s English class on time.

A. Should you remove the comma after atrium?

B. Or should you remove the comma after suddenly?

5. To study for his calculus midterm, Brian drank seven cups of strong Turkish coffee which kept him wide awake for the all-nighter.

A. Should you remove the comma after midterm?

B. Or should you add a comma after coffee?

6. “Don’t eat that pizza,” warned Lisa. “It’s over two weeks old “, she then explained.

A. Should the comma after pizza follow the quotation marks?

B. Or should the comma after old precede the quotation marks?

**Write letter answers only. Due beginning of class tomorrow for a grade.


  1. Notebook/binder
  2. Sticky Notes
  3. Highlighters
  4. Free reading book

Have a great Monday evening. Make sure you and your parents sign up to follow the blog. It will mean “PAWS”.


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