Summarizing the days activities…


summarizing 2

To summarize today one would have to say that there was alot of summarizing going on. After marking the text in the passage “The Trouble With Texting”, students then used the G.I.S.T. strategy to summarize what they had read. This is when you use 25 word blanks to tell what the passsage is about. It really makes you have to choose your words wisely and accurately. Thus another lesson in word choice too.


Tomorrow we will start getting ready to take the PARCC practice test. This is all writing, so be ready. I will be explaining and modeling everything you will need to complete this successfully. Remember, PARCC is the test that is going to replace the ISTEP+ test next year and we want to be prepared.




TASK SHEET, December 5, 2012:

  • Free reading or Block 1 Achieve 3000
  • Book talks from yesterday’s blog activity
  • Finish marking text
  • Summarize “The Trouble With Texting” using the G.I.S.T. strategy. Make 25 lines on your paper and use 25 words to summarize what the passage was about.  Example:

_____________  _____________  ____________  ____________   ____________

_____________  _____________  ____________  _____________  ____________

_____________  _____________  ____________  _____________  ____________

_____________  _____________  ____________  _____________  ____________

_____________  _____________  ____________  _____________  ____________

  • Blocks 2 & 3 – Summarize yourself in 160 characters (as if you were Tweeting). You can do this with but then you need to write it on paper to share tomorrow.


  • You will be pleased to know that there is no additional activity tonight. You will be responsible for completing both the passage summary and the personal summary (not Block 1)


  1. Charged Netbook
  2. Free reading book – it will be Library Day tomorrow so please bring any book to either turn in or renew
  3. Sticky Notes
  4. Highlighter
  5. Assignments – see above
  6. Bring email addresses – both yours and your parents

santa with books


Remember: we need all of your extra, unused books for our classroom library, and if Santa is listening maybe he will bring us some so we can dive into literature next semester.


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