Testing, testing, another test…


PARCC2Yes, that is correct. Again there is another test. This time it will be the PARCC test, although a practice one. This test has a very different format than the usual ISTEP+ we are used to. In order to prepare, today there was a flurry of text marking. Highlighters, sticky notes, underlining, defining, and margin notes were all showing up on the passage being tested on. This should really be a big help when answers for the actual test questions are needed tomorrow.

Yesterday’s activity was to write a summary about yourself in 160 characters. This is good practice for condensing ideas and not including unnecessary words. These were shared in class and it was fun to hear everyone describe themselves. There can be alot to say with only 160 characters, who knew?

There was also an email sign-up for anyone not following the blog. This included email1both students and parents – so if you see a email you don’t recognize, that is only us sharing with you what we do each day. It is required that the sign-up is confirmed. Feel free to make a comment: we love those!

TASK SHEET, December 6, 2012:

  • Library Day
  • Personal summary sharing
  • Discussion of PARCC test and practice
  • Text marking to prepare for tomorrow’s practice test


  • Santa has come a bit early – there is NO activity for tomorrow:)


  1. Free reading book
  2. Pencil
  3. Thinking cap, all concentration needed for the test

fire drill

After a surprise fire drill to start the day, it has been pretty smooth sailing. Again today I am reminded why teaching means so much to me.- it is the special students I get to spend my day with. Good job to all of you.


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