The flu is still hanging around…





I will not be at school again tomorrow so I am going to put your Task Sheet on the blog again. Mrs. Martin said that not everyone finished the work from Monday and that is fine. Tuesday I would like for you to work on finishing that and starting what I have put on My Big Campus.

There is NO ACTIVITY for tonight, just the things for tomorrow.






TASK SHEET, December 11, 2012:                                                                      Scholastic Oct. 22

  • 20 minutes Free Reading
  • Finish the work from Monday – this is now on our blog, so make sure you have completed all of it
  • Scholastic/Scope Magazine (October 22, 2012) “Does Fame Make You Crazy?”: 1. Read the story, same title, page 11-13 and read the poem “Nobody” page 13.  2. Go to My Big Campus and do the Quiz in the folder Scholastic: Does Fame Make You Crazy. Do this on your own paper.
  • Do the grammar review on My Big Campus: it is in the folder Scholastic Grammar Review. All of this can be done on one piece of paper, Comma Sense, Don’t Forget the Commas, & Quotation Punctuation. Make sure and read all of the directions and look carefully at the examples that are given.
  • You probably will not get finished with all of this either, so again, don’t worry there will be time given Wednesday. Just do as much as you can and work hard. This will be graded and put into RDS.
  • If you finish or just get tired you can free read (Blocks 2 & 3) or do Achieve 3000 (Block 1).

booksThanks for doing such a good job when I am not there. Please thank Mrs. Martin for being there when I can’t, she is the best!

Hopefully, I will be back Wednesday. If you have any questions just email me and I can answer them.


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