The FLU, yuck…



I have the flu and won’t be at school today. So I am putting the Task Sheet and everything you need on the blog today. I will tell you this on the task sheet but want you to read it here too. I realize there is alot of work and I don’t want you to worry about getting it ALL finished. If you do not complete it today, you will have some time tomorrow to finish.

TASK SHEET: December 10, 2012:                              snow day

Task Sheet                                                     Name:_______________________

Monday, December 10, 2012

Hello Again Everyone,

I have the FLU!!! It is not fun. I hate not being there, but I have to stay home and get better.

Here is your task sheet for today. You know how to use this.

  1. BLOCK 1 – Do Achieve 3000. Make sure you are taking your time, remember you need to get a 75% the first time you complete a passage. DO this for approximately 20 -25 minutes.                                                                                                                                               BLOCKS 2 & 3 – Free read for approximately 20 – 25 minutes.
  2. ALL BLOCKS – The assignment is on My Big Campus. Read the directions below.
  • Log on to My Big Campus: sign on with first name.last name, password, and school name (North Junior High School)
  • On the left side of the page go down to your ELA class and click on that
  • Click “Resources”
  • Click: Reading Passages and Questions (lexile level)
  • Click: News Debate; Snowed Out!
  • Open
  • Read the entire article and do ALL of the questions on your own paper. You may use your Netbooks to look anything up if necessary.

3.     Grammar Exercise Workbook (in the basket by the big bookshelves) –         quotes

  • Quotation Marks – I know we have not gone over this, so make sure and look at all of the examples at the top of the page to see the rule that needs to be followed.
  • Page 179 Exercise 1 & 2 and Page 180 Exercise 1 – Sorry, but you WILL HAVE to write out the sentences with the proper use of the quotation marks and punctuation.

**I know that this is a lot of work. Some of you may not finish all of it today. If so you will have time tomorrow to work on it, so don’t worry.

Now, I am certain that all of you know the proper way to behave whether I am at school or not. The substitute will expect the same behavior as I do. Please remember that your voice level should NEVER be above a “1”. If she has to leave a name, I will issue an after school detention, with NO questions asked. You will not need to ask a lot of questions because this task sheet covers everything. I can be reached by email if there is any need (

Please mark these tasks off as you complete them. and be caught up each day. You should have no trouble making progress on these if you are working.  I will praise you in advance for the amazing behavior and hard work will do when I am gone. Email me if you need something, I should be able to reply fairly quickly. Please make me proud, as you always do! I should be back tomorrow, and I am happy about that. Funny thing is, I miss you when I am not here. Behave and have a wonderful day.

You are the BEST!!!


  • Free Reading Book
  • Netbook – CHARGED
  • Pencil and paper

Have a good day and try to get as much done as possible.  good behaviorGood behavior could lead to “PAWS”.


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