La, La, La, La Lexiling…



bunker catHello again! Today I visited the doctor again and it is confirmed: I have pneumonia. I have to be at home the rest of the week. My cat, Bunker, is taking very good care of me. He really doesn’t care if I am sick; he just likes me being home with him. Luckily, Mrs. Martin will be with you. What would I ever do without her? I am going to put some more activities on the task sheet, but I believe Blocks 2& 3 will be doing some Lexile Testing. I will explain that later, so read this carefully. I will give you the task sheet first and tell you what else to expect.



TASK SHEET: December 13, 2012:

  • Free Reading (Blocks 2 & 3), Achieve 3000 (Block 1) – 20 -25 minutes
  • My Big Campus ( this was on yesterday’s task sheet, but really I am putting it on now), go to your class’s resources and click “Why We Celebrate? Do all of the questions on your own paper and do the writing assignment, including the Venn Diagram. Make sure and read what is required for the writing portion, make sure to include everything it asks for, especially text references.
  • Grammar Exercise Workbook (in the baskets by the big bookshelves) page 177, Exercise 1 & 2, page 178 Exercise 1 & 2. Some of these you will have to write the sentences and some will be answers only. Don’t take shortcuts, please.

I really do know how much work this is and the reason I am giving it all at once is so it will last both Thursday and Friday. You will have both days to do this. If you finish early you can continue to free read or do Achieve 3000. If you are talkative I can always give Mrs. Martin more work, if you are quiet and working this will be all there is.



LEXILE TESTING: ( This will be for Blocks 2 & 3 only)

This test is to measure your current reading level. You will be using this to choose books to read next semester and, I will using this to determine what materials you will be using. It is VERY important that you do your very best on this because you do not want to be reading or working at a level that is below what you are capable of.

I am not completely certain what method Mrs. Martin will be using. The rest of the 8th grade ELA teachers have come up with the format while Iread aloud have been gone. I fully support whatever method they have chosen to use. You will be reading individually to Mrs. Martin. This is why it is important that while one student is being tested the rest of the class is working quietly and not disturbing the testing procedure. There will also be a question portion of this also. Again, let me stress the importance of this. It will not be for a grade but will determine what level you will be working and reading at after Christmas. This is new to all of us, so please be patient. I am confident you will all cooperate and do your very best, you always do. Thanks for all of your hard work in advance.

santa's nice listI really miss seeing all of you and I hate not being there. Although I feel like I talk to you through the blog, it isn’t the same as seeing you. I really like all of the emails you have been sending. Please keep sending them and letting me know what is happening. Also, don’t hesitate to ask me any questions; I am always happy to answer. Please pay attention to Mrs. Martin and do what she asks. One thing that always makes me feel better is knowing how lucky the sub who is there gets to spend time with such great students. You always make me proud and I am never surprised when the good notes start coming in. I asked the office today if everything was OK in my room and they said, “Of course, your room is always perfect!” That is a true compliment to all of you. You are the BEST! I have written Santa and put all of you on his “Nice List”, hope that helps. Let me know if yu need anything, I will be at home trying to feel better.


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