Finally Fabulous Friday…


christmas 2012

Hello All,

It has now been a week and I am still not feeling very good, but I think I should be back on Monday. I know your hands are getting tired so I had better be there to give you a rest. Today’s TASK SHEET will not be very long, although there is something that should interest most of you. So here goes,

TASK SHEET, December 14, 2012:

  • Free Read or do Achieve 3000 (do this if everything is finished, so maybe save this for last)
  • Finish ALL of the work that has been on the blog and My Big Campus this week
  • Write a CHRISTMAS GREETING to put on the blog. I would like to feature these starting Monday and use several each day throughout the holidays, even when we are not in school. There are not many guidelines for this activity, but here are a few suggestions:

blogWrite in any format you like. Example: poem, story, greeting, holiday wish, song, rap, etc. Just use your imagination.

Include pictures and graphics. You can also do videos or interviews if you choose.

Make your message colorful, clever, and fun!

Check to make sure your spelling, punctuation, and grammar are correct. Tip: Have someone else look at it before you turn it in.

Save it on your Netbook or Flashdrive. Don’t send it to me until I am ready for it, you know my email gets overloaded.

This activity needs to have thought and planning put into it. Remember, our blog is getting quite popuar and has alot of followers, so it will be seen and read by many people, both those you know and don’t know.

There is not a length requirement.

You will be getting time next week to perfect these. Today will be a day to start your planning and get your thinking caps on.

This is NARRATIVE WRITING so you want to make sure that you appeal to the readers senses; sight, taste, touch, & smell. When someone reads your entry they should be able to get a mental picture of what you are writing, even if you use pictures.

FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE – we will be discussing this next week, but you should be including alot of this in what you are creating. Here is a FIGURATIVE LANGUAGE POWER POINT  for you to review and get you acquainted with using figurative language. Open it, read  it, and you should be able to get a good idea of what figurative language is and how to use it for now until we can discuss further. Get started, be creative, think outside the box, and have FUN!


Have a great weekend, see you Monday.


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  1. Merry Christmas Mrs. Kassenbrock!! I found this Christmas poem, and thought it would go good with the assignment today.

    Christmas comes with children singing,
    Christmas comes with sleigh bells ringing,
    Christmas comes with frosty nights,
    Christmas comes with snowball fights.

    Christmas comes with Santa Claus,
    Christmas comes with snowy floors,
    Christmas comes with robins and reindeer,
    Chsitmas comes with a hearty cheer.

    Christmas comes with gold, frankincense and myrrh,
    Christmas comes with Jesus’ birth,
    Christmas comes with angels from afar,
    Christmas comes with a wondrous star.

    Christmas comes now, at last,
    Christmas comes, like in the past,
    Christmas comes after such a long wait,
    Christmas comes and it will be great.

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