Christmas Wishes are Pouring In…


reading love

Hello Everyone,

I hope that the classroom library book lexiling went well today. You cannot imagine what a big help that will be for me. Over the break my own two children, Allison and Alex, are going to help me put the finishing touches on the organization of the books. Prepared to be wowed! I know I have posted this before, but if anyone has any books at home that they are finished with we would really appreciate the chance to use them in our classroom library. Any donations are appreciated and welcome.

This is going to be my favorite part of the blog for the holiday season – the CHRISTMAS WISHES from our favorite featured authors. If you see one you particularly like, feel free to comment. The kids are doing a very thoughtful and caring job and would love the praise. I am very proud of them, not only for their work, but for their warm and giving hearts. Get ready to ENJOY.

Emily Buehn’s wish is:

Emily Buehn

Zach Martin and Jimmy Hoang rapped a wish:

Zach Martin Jimmy Hoang



















Bailey Shorter’s wish is for all mankind:

Bailey Shorter

Cameron Moore’s wish is:

Cameron Moore

















Larry Alvey








Makayla Chamberlain

JUSTIN PARK gives us a poem that wishes:

Justin Park

BRAEDON HUBER has this wish:

Braedon Huber

DAWSON McINTOSH is sending his wish:

Dawson McIntosh



















And Finally, JARIK SPRINGER ends our wishes for today:

Jarik Springer

Our continued wishes for a wonderful holiday season. Hope you have enjoyed these. See you tomorrow!


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