Here Today, Gone Tomorrow…


snowman cheistmas wishes

Well I made to school today but realized I wasn’t as well as I thought. I will be out tomorrow and back Thursday and Friday. Mrs. Martin will be with you again, which is a really good thing.

First, let me address the grade situation. I will be adding grades daily this week. Please do not worry about your grade until all of the grades are recorded. The grades you see each day will be changing, so be patient.

Tomorrow you will be doing something to get our classroom library in order for next semester. As I have told you, we will be using these books alot! All of the books need to have an interest level, a lexile level, and sorted into genres.  You will be using the Scholastic Book Wizard. Just click on this link and follow directions, Mrs. Martin will help with this if you have a question. Use a post-it note and write down the info; interest level, lexile level, and genre. After you have done this make a seperate stack for each genre on the front table. If you have a book that isn’t listed on the website put it in a different stack so I can look it up. This will really be a big help to me. Thanks so much.

Also, do not forget to send my your “Christmas Wish” so I can put them on the blog. Please save as a word document and then send it to me as an attachment. I am including the first selection of these today: ENJOY!

Brooke Bittner’s wish is:

Brooke Bittner



Maddie Mills’s wish is:

maddie mills


Andrew Wilderman’s wish is:

ANdrew Wilderman


Maddie Mauser’s wish is:

Maddie Mauser













Michele Helm’s wish is:

Michele Helm



















Finally, Gavin Meffort’s wish is:

Gavin Meffert










We hope that everyone checks the blog daily between now and the first of the year. There will be many more featured authors. Thank you to those whose messages appeared today, your work is wonderful, as are you!


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