Ugly Christmas Sweater Day, Oh My…








Today at NJHS is “Ugly Christmas Sweater Day” for the teachers and staff. This has brought a smile to the faces of adults and students alike. Sometimes a day like today is what everyone needs to remember that the holiday season is a time to be with friends and to share moments of fun. Here are Mr. Huff and Mrs. Gmutza leading the fashion parade. It is ALWAYS a great day at North Junior High School, but some aare just more fun than others.


Now it is time for more of our featured authors and their holiday wishes. The previously featured authors have really enjoyed all of your comments, please keep them coming.

Annie Gilkey has this wish: 

Annie Gilkey







Elaina Adams wrote this special wish:

Elaina Adams

Evan Stroud is sending this wish:

Evan Stroud








Jadan Manion, Tanner Turpin, Donovan Sears, D Sylvain is rapping their wish:

Jaden, Tanner, Donovan, D

Keaton Briggs has these words for Christmas:

Keaton Briggs










Magan Leystra sends these colorful wishes:

Magan Leystra




















Grant Barnett offered the following wish:

Grant Barnett












Elyssa Francis wishes everyone:

Elyssa Francis


















Trea Ommart shares this with us:

Trae Ommart






Harley Miles wrote this beautiful wish:

Harley Miles


Nekayla Roberts adds her special wish:

Nekayla Roberts


















Sam Hahn wishes this for everyone:

Sam Hahn


















Owen Price wishes everyone:

Owen Price





McKinsey Simmons shares these good wishes:

McKinsey Simmons













Lexi Wells sends special wishes to everyone:

Lexi Wells

Leah Wentzel sends the final wish for today. Hope you enjoyed today’s featured authors and look forward to sharing more tomorrow. Don’t forget to comment on your favorite authors, these are always appreciated:

Leah Wentzel


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