Let the Holiday Fun Begin…


Happy Holidays

It is finally here, time for Christmas break. I have posted the wishes from my students but now it is time to send my own. I wish all of you the Happiest of Holidays. Take time to relax, refresh, and enjoy your families. Appreciate the blessings that you have been given. When I do that I definitely have to include the wonderful students I see each day, the exceptional people at NJHS that I am privileged to share each day with, my team members who I have a special friendship with, and the two administrators that have made every day at NJHS a great place to be. All of this, along with my loving family and friends, makes me one lucky person.

Now time for some more of our featured authors and their special Christmas wishes.

Breanna Merriweather has this wonderful wish:

Breanna Merriwether

Mickey Smith sends this wish:

Mickey Smith

Amanda Davis wishes everyone something special:

Amanda Davis















Kee’Von Hightower is wishing this:

Kee'Von Hightower

Dena Ferguson sends this wonderful message:

Dena Ferguson


















Alex Price has this wish:

Alex Price

Brittany Skinner adds these words:

Brittany Skinner




















Finally, Morgan Steckler has written this wonderful story for everyone’s enjoyment:

Wishing Bell


seasons greetingsThis will not be the last post before Christmas. As the wishes continue to come is I will continue to share them with all of you.


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