And we are are sliding back to school…


happy new yearHappy New Year to all of you and your families! I hope 2013 is a wonderful year for all of you. 2013 and the rest of the school year is going to be very exciting in our classroom. There are going to be lots of changes and additions as the new semester begins. independent readingIndependent reading,anne frank “The Diary of Anne Frank”, the Holocaust,lit circles literature circles, and research activities are just some of the things that will be happening when school begins. All of this will be explained and taught as the days fly by. Please check the blog daily for information and handouts that will be needed in class. Also parents, you will be able to follow along with the class by looking at these upcoming links and files. Assignments, skills covered, and due dates will also be included, along with more original student work. All of this will keep everyone engaged and busy.

Speaking of original work, there are two more student authors to feature with their holiday wishes. First is Lauren Hodoval sending her wishes:

lauren hodoval






Kyndell Ethridge adds this:

kyndell etheridge

It will be great to see everyone and hear all of your holiday adventures.

Just one more thing, notebooks will be used a lot this semester so please make sure yours is ready to use.

See you tomorrow!


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