A New Year, A New Way To Do Things…


classroom proceduresToday the new classroom procedures were introduced and explained. Students will be transitioning to three separate groups within their block each day. The block starts as whole group instruction while sitting with group 1. Next will be in group 2 during reading workshop which will include literature circles. Each of the groups will be reading a different novel concerning the Holocaust. Group 3 will be the research group where students will be planning a multimedia presentation using research and tech skills. This should keep everyone very busy. This method requires the students to be self-motivated and responsible for completing the required work. Here is today’s agenda that might in the explanation of this: Lesson Plans detailed Jan 2

readIndependent reading (free reading) will also be an important component for this semester. The next six weeks this will be done at home. Independent reading is beneficial to all students. Please, both parents and students, take a few minutes to look over the following document Independent_Reading_Log_and info redo. Students will be doing the Independent Reading Response Sheet weekly and keeping an ongoing Personal Reading Log. Along with this in our classroom all of the students will have featured book picks up. Today was a lot of fun getting ready for this and taking their pictures to put up with their “picks”. So if you want to read a good book you will know where to come for ideas.camera

As a whole group the classes will be reading The Diary of Anne Frank. Along with the novel there will be activities and literary skills introduced, modeled, and practiced for mastery daily. Anne Frank and the Holocaust are always the kids’ favorites.

The books they will be reading the Literature/Novel groups include; The Boy Who Dared, Night, Farewell to Manzanar, The Cage, Ashes, Number the Stars, Summer of My German Soldier, and The Devil’s Arithmetic. Unfortunately, there is only enough books to be able to use them in class. All of these titles can be checked out at the Evansville Public Library or purchased if needed, but not necessary. The group placement for the students and these books will be assigned in the next few days.

Remember: EVERYONE needs a three-ring binder, dividers, paper, and something to write with EVERYDAY for class. Also, Netbooks need to be charged and ready to go. These supplies we will be necessary to complete the work each day.

Please COMMENT, your thoughts and suggestions are always appreciated.



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