Here Comes the Weekend…


weekend yes

Check the first school week of 2013 off the list, it is over. Getting back in the swing of things is not that easy, but it is getting better every day. It is nice to have the routine back. Even though there has only been 3 days long there has been a lot going on.

Here is all of  the things that have been assigned this week and the links to the documents that are needed.

In preparation for reading The Diary of Anne Frank, individual novels, and doing research Anne Frank Anticipation Guide Questions were completed and discussed in class. Numbers  1 & 2 will be used for further study next week. Anne Frank 2

Today The Diary of Anne Frank Webquest was completed. Use the Anne Frank Web Quest Site and instructions. To use this site, click on the highlighted word and it will go to a website that will have what is needed to answer the questions. If there isn’t enough information there, then look at any other sites you find helpful. The webquest,  all questions, should be completed by everyone and then additional information should be added as outlined. This additional information should include 3 -4 facts or interesting ideas webquestthat will elaborate on the original questions in the webquest. The webquest and the sharing of additional facts will be Monday. This will be done by groups.

Next, here is an assignment for this weekend. I know it sounds like a lot, but you might be surprised at how much free time you have when you really think about it. Read the instructions and try your hardest. Anne Frank What is hiding like  Remember that next week the My Big Campus discussions will begin and this will be for a grade, so you will need your notes or journal from this activity. Your parents might want to experience this quiet time with you.

discussion online

Have a wonderful weekend!


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