Entering a World of Reading…


anne frank3




Today we embarked on a journey of reading. The Diary of Anne Frank and Literature Circle novels were started. This is going to be exciting!

It is going to be very important that everyone is prepared and ready to go everyday. The following is a list of supplies that will be needed:

  • Netbook charged
  • Binder
  • Literature textbook – Prentice Hall
  • Paper and pencil
  • Literature Circle book

Here are the novels that will be read in the Literature Circles daily:

night  the devil's arithmetic  farewell to manzanar  the boy who dared  the cageUnfortunately, there is only enough for each group to use their novel in class. Each of the Evansville Public Libraries has copies of these that can be checked out and they can be checked out for the evening from me if they are returned before school the next day. Barnes & Noble also has all of these titles in stock, but  it is not required that you purchase one. Since one could have heard a pin drop while the reading started today, I think that is a good indication of the students’ interest.

After working as a whole group, and then doing Reading Workshop, the students kid blogwill be doing daily writing responses as part of the Writing Workshop. This is going to be done using individual student blogs. Tomorrow they will get the log on and password information and then write a post. These blogs will only be read by the students and myself, although general rules of blogging will be covered. So parents, ask your child to show you what they are writing each day. It may open up to more viewers in the future, but I will have to see how is progresses first.

Lastly, the assignment that was posted last Friday needs to be completed by tomorrow because that will be the first blog post. Remember, I will be able to see all of the posts at the same time, so I will know if you are not doing one.

Have a great evening!


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