Blogging Can Be Fun…


Today EVERYONE was assigned their own blog to put their writing on. Almost everyday there will be a writing assignment and it will be submitted for review and grading on this blog site. All of the class blogs that are posted will appear on the home page. These can be viewed by anyone interested, therefore these few simple rules must be followed:




  1. Everything that is written and posted must be school appropriate
  2. This is not a discussion site. Everything must be class oriented.
  3. Text and email abbreviations are not allowed.
  4. Remember that this will be read by many people, so do your BEST work. proofread, check, and recheck before publishing.
  5. All work on the blog will be reviewed and graded.
  6. Some of the work will be shared with the class.
  7. Comments must be appropriate, on topic, polite, and constructive.
  8. Parents can reads the blog posts at anytime and make their own comments.

Here are the web addressed for each block’s blog:

Block 1 –

Block 2 –

Block 3 –

Our class blog for all of the classes can be accessed from any of the above blog sites from the Blog Roll on the right side of the page. If you have any questions about the blog or publishing your post either email me or we will be discussing it tomorrow.

This blog is a place to show off your amazing writing abilities, as well as improving the skills you already possess. Enjoy yourselves and you will be surprised at how great you really are!

Independent reading should be in full swing by now. If you are not currently reading outside of school you should be. Some classes received reading logs today, while the rest will get theirs tomorrow. Here is what they look like; My Personal Reading List. The requirement for independent reading is to read at least 100 pages per week.

wizardThe Personal Reading List needs to include the title, author, total number of pages in the book, date started reading, date finished the book, evaluation (see bottom of page as well as adding your own remarks), genre, and lexile level. All of these can be found on the book except the genre and lexile level. This information can be found by going to the Scholastic Book Wizard site at: book wizard



Assignments, January 8, 2013

  • Fill out the My Personal Reading List with the book you are currently reading and read!
  • Post your response to the Anne Frank activity from Friday. If you do not know what that is, look at our class blog on Friday, January 4, 2013. This is due tomorrow.
  • Read The Diary of Anne Frank pages 777- 794.

Supplies needed tomorrow:

  • Netbook charged
  • Binder
  • Paper and something to write with (fountain pen, lol a little Anne Frank humor)
  • Prentice Hall textbook on desk and ready
  • Independent Reading Book

Do your best writing tonight. I look forward to seeing it tomorrow.




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