Blogging Was Fun, Until It Was Blocked…


website blockedThe class blogs were really off to a good start until the school corporation blocked them. This was very disappointing, but I have already requested that they be unblocked so we can continue using them. I am not sure how long that will take, so if you try to get on tonight and it is blocked just wait and see what the status is tomorrow at school. They all should be accessible on your home internet connection. There will be an assignment, but again, if the site is blocked you can complete it tomorrow. Please try your hardest to do it at home.

All parents can read the blog posts without logging on, but they cannot make comments. If a parent would like to have a log in and password so they can make comments on the site, please either send a note with your student or email me and I can put them on the blog site.

Everyone really enjoyed looking at all of the posts and seeing what other students had to say. Sorry Block 3 it was not available by the time your class started, hopefully we can do this tomorrow.


Tomorrow is library day, so make sure you bring your book to school to either turn in or renew. Remember each of you need an independent reading book every day.

We will be discussing student lexile levels before the library visit starts so that the books chosen are the “just right” books for each student. You will be doing your “Book Pick” soon, so keep that in mind when choosing your books.



Agenda, January 9, 2013

  • Reviewed blogs, discussed writing, and comments
  • Watched “The Diary of Anne Frank”, except Block 2
  • Read from Literature Circle novels

Assignment, January 9, 2013

  • Blog post: How is participating in a conversation with a group different from a teacher-led discussion?

**If the blog is still down you can write out your answer or outline it and then type it into the blog tomorrow.

Thanks for doing a great job today, you are the BEST!




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  1. I hope that we get access to the blog back at school. Also great job on all of the time, and effort that goes into a wonderful/interesting year of ELA.

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