Reading and Blogging = GREAT…


back in business

The blog crisis has been adverted. General panic was about to set in when, as the day wore on, the student blogs continued to be in turmoil. Thanks to Russell Dugan, the EVSC tech person, and all of his hours of intense work, everything is up and running and blogs are back in business.
Make sure that you have completed your post on the topic from yesterday’s blog about group and teacher-led discussions. Encourage family and friends to visit both our class blog and the individual writing blogs for each block.

Tomorrow is “Book Pick” day. Everyone will be getting the information on how to do this, the pictures will be put up, and the “picks” will be available.

book picksIf you are not sure what book you would recommend, be looking up titles and authors of some you have read and liked. Think about how you would describe the book so that others would want to read it. This is going to be a good resource for whenever you are stumped in finding the next book you want to read.

book talk 1The Literature Circles are progressing wonderfully. When everyone is reading the room is completely silent, a literature teacher’s dream.  Tomorrow  the groups will be checking to see everyone’s progress and share with the class a few interesting things about their novel. Remember, you can check out a book any afternoon to stay caught up, just make sure and bring it back before school so it can be used by other checkout

Speaking of reading, everyone now has a “My Personal Reading List”. This should be filled out for EVERY book you are reading. Fill in the information before you start a book and then you will not forget and turn the book in without completing the entry.

Agenda, January 10, 2013

  • Discussed and reviewed class writing blog
  • Watched “The Diary of Anne Frank” video
  • Read “The Diary of Anne Frank” through page 806
  • Read in Literature Circle groups


  • Block 1 – Achieve 3000, work on at home
  • Free Read – remember you should read at least 100 pages per week
  • Fill out “My Personal Reading Response”
  • Get information for tomorrow’s Book Picks
  • Finish the blog topic about group discussions and teacher-led discussions (on yesterday’s blog)
  • Make 5 comments on class members writing on the Anne Frank 2 hour topic and 5 comments on the discussion topic

Supplies for tomorrow:

  1. Netbook charged
  2. Binder
  3. Prentice Hall Literature textbook
  4. Literature Circle novel
  5. Paper and pencil
  6. Free reading book

Everyone did a wonderful job today, I am proud of you!



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