The Weekend Is Here, Get Things Caught Up…


weekend 1



The weekend = rest and relaxation, unless you have a few things to do to be caught up for next week. Make sure that you check over all of the listed work that needs to be finished before Monday. As you know, there are a lot of things going on in class and having everything ready is very important. What you need to have ready will be listed later in this blog post.


gradesI will be grading the writing you have posted on your blog this weekend. Your grade will be in the comment section and will be private so no one else can read the comment. The grades will be given as 3+, 3, 2, 1, 0. If you receive a 3+ or 3 I may not include a comment, earning either of those scores means you are at mastery or above. If you have a 2, 1, or 0, I will leave an explanation of what you need to do to improve. I will be working on these over the weekend so if yours isn’t finished, check back later. I hope to have everything graded by Monday, but best laid plans do not always work out. As soon as I get the grades completed I will be putting them in RDS. This should happen no later than the middle of next week.


Starting next week you will be doing both reading and writing workshops on skill based mini lessons I will model for you. I will be using The Diary of Anne Frank and you will practice from your Literature Circle novels. There will be anchor charts and graphic organizers used with these lessons. If you would like to add markerssome pizzaz to your notes feel free to bring in and use colored pencils and water based markers (the permanent ones go through the paper). Using thesecolored pencils items is optional, so feel free to bring them or not.



Things to Finish By Monday:

  • All three blog posts; Anne Frank activity, discussions – group and teacher-led, Otto Frank quote. If you don’t have the quote, here it is: Otto Frank the others are in this week’s blog posts
  • Independent reading at least 100 pages. Record on “My Personal Reading List” My Personal Reading List
  • Mini book talk – in Literature Circle groups. If you don’t know what your group is going to say, email them and get planning
  • Be thinking of group roles and who in your group should be assigned which role

Supplies, Monday, January 14, 2013:

  1. Netbook charged
  2. Prentice Hall Literature textbook
  3. Literature Circle Novel
  4. Colored pencils and/or markers (optional)
  5. pencil and paper
  6. Independent Reading Book

calendarThis weekend I will also be working on a student calendar with agendas, assignments, due dates, and expectations. I will also be posting early next week study guides to all of the novels to help with the understanding and development of these books. If you need questions to discuss with your group, help
understanding the chapters, background information, definitions forstudy guide
vocabulary–these are all here.  I hope that it will help you!

Have a great weekend!




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