How Great Groups Can Be…


photo (7)


The words of the day were “collaborative groups”. Notes, practice, and implementation were on the agenda. This should give some needed guidelines to making each of the groups work more productively. Group roles were also chosen, responsibility usually leads to jobs well done.

Everyone took an active part and will be ready for tomorrow and the research groups that will come in the near future.

photo (10) photo (12)











Agenda, January 15, 2013

  • Discussed improved writing practices on kidblog
  • Reminder that “Book Picks” will be Thursday
  • Listened to The Diary of Anne Frank, to page 821
  • Whole group mini-lesson – advantages, disadvantages, guidelines, and role for collaborative groups

Assignments, January 15, 2013

  1. Blog Prompt: What are the advantages/disadvantages of using discussion guidelines and roles in collaborative groups.
  2. Gather information for “Book Picks”
  3. Free read
  4. Class notes and group roles will be checked tomorrow

photo (11)photo (13)










photo (14)      Enjoy looking at the pictures of all of the collaboration going on. Sorry Block 2, pictures of your class will be included later.

Lots to do tomorrow, so rest up and be ready. Group roles take a lot of energy!


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