GO, GO, GO Graphic Organizers…


t chartToday was another good day in our classroom, with lots of learning happening. We are all using graphic organizers or GO’s to study the standards, learning targets, and literary elements. Yesterday it was T-charts (or should I say three charts, because they had 3 columns) to find the advantages/disadvantages, guidelines, and roles for successful group dynamics.

Today it was another graphic organizer to explore story/structural elements, including character, setting, conflict, theme, and plot (SL.8.1) Story Elements final. This was completed in whole group using The Diary of Anne Frank and in literature circle groups using the 5 group novels.

Also, everyday is a kidblog day. All of the students are actively posting theirblog 1 writing on their own individual blogs. So far in all of the classes combined we have had over 15,000 hits and that is a lot of people looking at their work. Each day we review, comment, and discuss several of these blogs. I pick “sticks” (popsicle sticks with each student’s name on them) and those are the blogs we review. I can already see a lot of growth in their writing in this short time. These act as a digital writing portfolio where students can see all of the writing they have done and how it has progressed. Take some time and look at all of the amazing posts that have been submitted so far. They are very impressive!

I will not be at school tomorrow so here is the Task Sheet you will need. Task Sheet Jan 17  Mrs. Martin will be here for me and, as you know, she knows everything.

Agenda, January 16, 2013:

  • Discuss, comment, & review individual blogs
  • Graphic Organizer (GO) story/structural elements (RL.8.5) – Anne Frank
  • Literature Circles – work on the graphic organizer for group novels
  • Go over “Purposeful Talk” & Accountable Talk”talk


  1. Blog Post: Identify the story/structural elements in your group novel. You will need to talk about character(s) (protagonist & antagonist), setting, conflict (both internal & external), and theme. You do not have to include the plot diagram since it is not finished. Try the separate paragraph format if possible. The graphic organizer is linked above if you need to look at it to remember what all of these terms are. You will have time in class tomorrow to work on this, so you might only want to start it tonight.
  2. Book Picks tomorrow – get your information
  3. LIBRARY tomorrow

ZF2_bubble_GumIf this picture reminds you of anything, it shouldn’t! I was told today that 5, yes 5, freshly chewed pieces of gum were found on the floor of my classroom. This is unacceptable. Not only is “NO GUM” a school rule. but it is also making a big mess in my room. This is not going to happen, so please make note of this and get rid of your gum before you come to my room. I will not have much patience when it comes to this matter.

Other than the gum, it has been a great day! It seems to always be a great day at NJHS. Enjoy your evening, behave tomorrow (Block 3 pay attention to this), and I will see you Friday. Email me if you need anything or have any questions. You are ROCKSTARS!


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