From One Word Comes Many…


vocabularyLearning about the Holocaust, WWII, and Anne Frank brings many new words that everyone will need to become familiar with. Today the Concept Definition Mapping activity let everyone start with one word, then find synonyms, and examples that led to taking the one word and ending up with seven. concept_definition_mapping__template_20110830_132750_8  Each of the novel groups of seven students did 3 words each, from a word list, Concept Definition Mapping Words and that created a working vocabulary of 147 words per group. This expands the opportunity when the students write to use a multitude of new and descriptive words.

The Literature Circle novels need to be finished soon, by the end of next week or sooner. If you need to finish your individual novel please stop by anytime after 7th period and check out a book for the night. These books then need to be returned by 1st period the next day. There is no reason why everyone should not read their entire novel. Your group will be doing a “book talk” about these books and every member of every group will have to be part of the group presentation, therefore, you must know what the book is about and how it ended. Again, come by and check out a book!

kleenex 1


Also, our classroom is in dire need of both pencils and Kleenexes. It is at emergency status. Noses are running and needing attention! Pencils are also at top priority alert. If you do not want to bring extra, at least bring enough for yourself. It has now been confirmed, you will need a pencil pencils 3EVERYDAY, so please be prepared. Any extra pencils  and Kleenexes brought in will be greatly appreciated.


AGENDA, January 22, 2013:

  • Blog review. The blog topic will now appear on this page and on the kidblog site for each Block.
  • Book Picks – remember if you haven’t turned this in to do so as soon as possible.
  • Listen to The Diary of Anne Frank – Block 1 to page 849, Block 2 to page 851, Block 3 to page 855.
  • Concept Definition Map (L.8.4) – will finish tomorrow in class


  1. Book Pick – if not finished
  2. Literature Circle novels – read as much as possible
  3. Blog Topic: Explain how to find related words on the same topic. How do you determine these relationships, detail the process you used (Concept Definition Map). This will also be on each Block’s kidblog page.

You did a great job today, keep up the good work!








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