Good-bye Anne Frank, You Will Be Missed…


anne frank stamp

Today we finished The Diary of Anne Frank and we are now moving on in the Literature Circles/Novel Groups, group book talks, and the upcoming group multi-media research presentation. All of these new adventures will be explained tomorrow.

Keep working on the kidblog topics. It seems as though everyone’s writing skills are really improving. This has become a popular topic and lots of people are interested in what is being written and how really outstanding the writing is. Yeah for all of you. You make me proud!

AGENDA, January 23, 2013:

  • Blog review and critique (L.8.3)
  • Finished Anne Frank
  • Continued working on Concept Vocabulary Mapping (L.8.4)


  1. Book Pick – if not finished. Please hurry and get these in, I am getting tired of writing this every day.
  2. Concept Vocabulary Maps DUE TOMORROW. We will be discussing these and I will be checking them for a grade.
  3. Continue reading your group novel – make sure you are caught up
  4. Blog topic: In “The Diary of Anne Frank” , Anne said, “I still believe that people are really good at heart.” She wrote this before she was taken to the concentration camp. Would she believe and write the same thing after she had been in the camp? Use evidence from the story to support your opinion.

Thanks again for a great day! Have a good evening and see you tomorrow.Wednesday


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