Cattle Car = 100 people…


cattle carWhat does this title mean? Today our class, along with Mrs. Yates’s and Ms Allen’s classes, did a simulation of what it was like to have to be transported in a cattle car to the Concentration Camps during WWII. Over 100 people in a very small, enclosed space is not very pleasant. This helped us realize what the conditions people had to endure were like during this time. Everyone was relieved to be able to move around freely after the simulation was finished.

Today research groups were assigned for the upcoming research presentation about sub-groups of people during the Holocaust. Here are the guidelines for the presentation Holocaust Project guidelines and the presentation gradingresearch rubric Holocaust Multimedia Presentation Rubric

book talk 2Also, the Literature Circle group Book Talk Guidelines were discussed. Book Talk Guidelines corrected Again, look over these so tomorrow you will be able to start productive work right away.



AGENDA, January 24, 2013:

  • Train Car simulation
  • Finished Concept Vocabulary maps
  • Discussed Literature Circle Book Talks
  • Assigned Research Groups
  • Discussed group multi-media research presentations


  1. Block 3 – collect Concept Vocabulary Maps
  2. Blog Topic: In doing a group presentation it is important that everyone in the group participate. Why is it going to be important for each member to fulfill the role they have been assigned in the group during the completion of this presentation? What should happen if someone is not doing their job?
  3. Book Picks

That’s all for now. See you tomorrow if the snow and ice doesn’t happen.


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