Looking Be”TWEEN” the Lines…


monday musings


Monday has started out to be a very dreary day. I think the warm weather has every body more talkative than usual, although most got their work finished.

Currently all Block 1 students work with a program called Achieve 3000. Parents if you haven’t seen this ask your student to show you how this works, it is an amazing way to improve all aspects of reading. Today Blocks 2 & 3 started using a site called Tween Tribune. This site mirrors the Achieve 3000 program, only it is free. The students log on to the site and have access to tween tribunehundreds of current news articles, on a vast variety of topics. Nonfiction is an area that seems to get overlooked from time to time and this is an excellent way to get practice for this genre. There are daily quizzes and individual article quizzes, along with the ability to make a comment that is posted to the site. This should prove to be a valuable tool for everyday practice and growth.

newsAlso, today Block 1 received a research assignment that involves designing a newspaper and writing the articles for it. This will be completed in research groups. They will be using an article from the Achieve 3000 site and then researching additional information to compose their articles as a group endeavor.

Blocks 2 & 3 continued working on their multi-media research presentations that will be due starting February 11, 2013. Tomorrow all Blocks will be working in their novel groups on their Book Talks about their individual group novels that will be shared with the class February 6 – 8. These should really be fun and informative.

AGENDA, January 28, 2013:

  • Block 1 – Introduced and discussed Achieve 3000 newspaper project
  • Blocks 2 & 3 – Introduced, discussed, and explored Tween Tribune. Took the daily quiz, read an article, and took the article quiz
  • All Blocks – research group work


  1. Plot diagram – this will be updated tomorrow, so make sure and have it with you plot diagram
  2. Blog Topic: How does using either Achieve 3000 (Block 1) or Tween Tribune (Blocks 2 & 3) help to strengthen your nonfiction reading skills. We will be reviewing blog writing tomorrow at the beginning of class.

Reminder: LIBRARY day will be Thursday this week. This is really meant for you to remind me; you know how I tend to forget.

Stay dry and have a great evening!




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