A Storm’s A Brewing…


photo (2)

Luckily today the weather held off and hopefully won’t be too bad tonight either. Several days ago I put pictures from Blocks 1 & 3 on the blog, so in all fairness today is time for Block 2. It seems as though several members of that group really like having their pictures taken.photo (3)

photo (4) We could call today “Presentation Day”. Lots of good work was getting done in both Literature Circle groups and in research groups.

Block 1 had a visitor from Achieve 3000. He came to see what was going on with that program in our classroom. Apparently he liked what he saw because there could be some exciting surprises for us in the future.

AGENDA, January 29, 2013:

  • Blog Review – always remember that you need to be doing your best work or you could be the featured writer of the day and your work will be read by all.
  • Achieve 3000 and Tween Tribune
  • Book Talk – worked on presentations
  • Research – same as above


  1. Plot diagram completion tomorrow – bring your graphic organizer
  2. Blog Topic: Do you think writing on the kidblog is or is not helping your writing skills? Explain your answer. Give reasons why it is helpful or not.

Be safe tonight and I will see you tomorrow.


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