I’m Back…


school lock down

Well, after a little bump in the road, I am back! Today started with a school wide lock-down drill. While we never anticipate a need for this, it always better to be prepared. The students did a wonderful job and took the drill very seriously.

Just a few reminders to everyone that the “Book Talks” will begin next Wednesday, so if you have anything to finish – now is the time. Also, the multi-media presentations will be due February 11 – 14, so again, make sure you are getting things organized and finalized.

AGENDA, January 31, 2013:

  • 20 minutes of “catch up” time – blogs, novels, and free reading
  • Novel Groups – working on “Book Talks”
  • Research groups – multi-media presentation


  1. Keep working on group presentations – both novel & research
  2. Block 1 – Complete at least one Achieve 3000 story
  3. Blocks 2 & 3 – Tween Tribune – Daily Quiz and one article
  4. Blog topic: Compare and contrast the characters of Anne and Peter. This should be completed in at least two paragraphs – one for the things that are alike about them, one for the things that are different about them.

Anne Frank and Peter

Here is the final word of the day: KLEENEX! We are desperate. Thursday 1


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  1. I have some ideas for word of the day, elasmotherium sibricium, yutyranus huali, gigantopithicus blacki, homo floresiensis, and plesiosaur.

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