Me, A Mistake, Oh My…


mistakesI guess it goes without saying…I am human! Yesterday I published my post including the blog topic for the day and much to my surprise, it was really wrong. When I first wrote it I thought I had it all figured out. Luckily, I have really smart kids all day and one of them pointed out the mistake and I was very grateful (thank you Harley). I immediately edited it and updated the post. Unfortunately though, when a post is updated a new email does not go out, but if you look at the post now it is correct. If you read the daily post and it seems confusing or wrong, let me know so I can fix it and then look at it later and hopefully the mistake will be fixed.

Ending the week with a snow delay can lead to a really hectic day, although it wassnow delay nice getting a later start. Today, because of shortened class, we weren’t able to finish everything that was planned, so Monday there will be a lot to do.


Here are a few reminders about the presentations that will begin next week.

Literature Circle/Novel Groups Book Talks, Blocks 2 & 3 – These will be done on Wednesday and Thursday. There will be NO rescheduling. Every member of the group has to havereading 1 an active role in the presentation. The entire Book Talk should be approximately 7 – 10 , minutes. Each member’s lasting around 1 minute. I will be looking for complete information, organization, creativity, interest, polish, and well-practiced. You may, and are encouraged, to use props and graphics. Time will be given on Monday and Tuesday to go over and perfect the group Book Talk. Book Talk Guidelines corrected

multimediaMulti-media Research Presentation, Blocks 2 & 3 – These will be presented Monday – Thursday, February 11 – 14. Again, there will not be a lot of extra class time given to perfect these, so some work may have to be completed outside of class. Keep in mind, this is a group effort, so if there is a group member not doing his/her part, please let me know. This presentation, as the name says, is multi-media, this means it must contain several types of media (including video, poster, power point, etc.). The time limit is approximately 10 -15 minutes, again with each member taking an active role.Holocaust Project guidelines

newpaper 1Holocaust newspaper Research Project, Block 1 – These will be due on or before February 14, 2013. Next week there will be time given to work on these, ask questions, and organize what the newspaper will look like. Be thinking of a catchy name. Remember, everyone will be writing an article for the group paper. Here is the link for the assignment Holocaust Project guidelines Block 1 so take a look and get a start on which article you are interested in.


AGENDA, February 1, 2013:

  • Listened to and discussed nonfiction Holocaust stories to use withfriday 1 compare/contrast mini lesson and workshop on Monday


  1. No blog topic today, but please make sure all of your posts are caught up and published. There will be blog review next week. Be prepared!
  2. Block 1 – try to do at least two Achieve 3000 assignments this weekend. ***Remember “PAWS” for everyone if our class score goes up by 1200 points or more.
  3. Block 2 & 3 – we will resume Tween Tribune next week
  4. Work on all presentations
  5. Update yourIndependent_Reading_Log_and info. This will count for a grade at the end of the grading period. So you might want to free read some this weekend – that’s ALWAYS a good idea.

Feb 1Happy February 1st. I think February will be the BEST month yet! Thanks for all you do each day, you all are “rockstars”!!


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