Taking the Challenge…


originalityThis is Day 2 of the EVSC Digital Heroism Challenge and everyone is still going strong. Today’s trait was “Originality” and talked about using other people’s work responsibly. In today’s tech age it becomes too easy to Google something and not give credit for information obtained. So far, the material this challenge has presented has really been useful and made everyone think about how they use the internet. This will continue through Friday and everyone should know a lot more about internet safety by then. Oh, and again, did I mention there are prizes:)

Just to let everyone know, I will be putting some grades on RDS sometime thisreport card week. I normally wait several weeks before putting any grades in because I want to see a clear picture of where each student is. Because the grades are based on the mastery of individual standards, some of the scores will be 3+(above mastery), 3(mastery), 2 (almost there), and 1 (needs work). At times, using this scale makes a student’s grade seem lower than it actually will be. Each grade recorded this way can always change (go up, not down) as the mastery level changes. There will still be some grades that recorded in the conventional way.

rabbiAs you are aware, 8th grade ELA students have been studying the Holocaust. As a culminating activity we have invited the rabbi of Temple Adath B’Nai Isreal in Evansville to talk to the students. She will be discussing things related to the Holocaust and World War II. She will not be talking about religion. She was born in the country of Uzbekistan, and her parents were refugees during this time. She also had many relatives who were imprisoned in concentration camps. If you have any objection or would like for your student not to attend, please let me know.

AGENDA, February 5, 2013:

  • EVSC Digital Heroism Challenge – log on to www.evscdigitalheroismchallenge.com and post a comment for Day 2
  • Block 2 & 3 – Tween Tribune – Do the daily quiz, read one article, and take quiz
  • BOOK TALK – finalize and perfect. Tomorrow is the day, be ready.


  1. Finish everything for the Book Talk tomorrow (Blocks 2 & 3)
  2. Post a comment for EVSC Digital Heroism Challenge, Day 1 and Day 2 should be complete
  3. Block 1 – Achieve 3000, “PAWS” for everyone if our class score raises over 1000 points
  4. BLOG TOPIC: How does considering the information in the EVSC Digital Heroism Challenge help you to be more responsible in your internet use? What have you learned in the last two days that you didn’t know before?

Tuesday1It is only Tuesday and it has already been a busy week. I look forward to the Book Talk presentations tomorrow, I am confident they will be amazing, as all of you are.


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