A Movie Today Took Students Away…


prizesToday there was a field trip for French, band, orchestra, and choir members and that left very few students in class today. Therefore, today’s blog is going to be brief. There is more good news though. Yesterday I posted that Leah Wentzel was a winner in the EVSC Digital Heroism Challenge. Today I found out that Ethan Warfield was also a prize winner. Both students won a $10 iTunes gift card. It looks like our blogging is paying off.



AGENDA, February 13, 2013:

  • All Blocks – catch up on unfinished work, Achieve 3000, blog posts, presentations (due tomorrow), free reading, Acuity custom practice


  1. Block 1 – at least one article for Achieve 3000
  2. Block 1 – newspaper project due tomorrow
  3. Blocks 2& 3 – multi-media presentations due tomorrow
  4. All blocks Acuity Custom Practice
  5. Catch up on all blog posts
  6. No new blog topic for today

valentines day 2Sometimes it is good to be able to step back and get thing caught up and be ready to start again. Hope everyone that went on the field trip enjoyed themselves. We had a relaxing day too! Be ready for the projects/presentations tomorrow. I am looking forward to seeing all of your wonderful work.

By the way, thought for the day again, “PAWS” for Kleenexes. Thanks!


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