Be My Valentine…


valentines day 3Well, today was Valentine’s Day and that seems to be a very special day for a junior high school student. Lots of gifts and candy have been seen being exchanged. At NJHS we get to celebrate Valentine’s Day again tomorrow when the PTSA suckers and roses will be handed out. It is great when there is something to look forward to. Speaking ofjob shadowing 1 that, tomorrow is also 8th grade Job Shadow Day. Students will be visiting many businesses around the community to see what a typical day is like there. This is always a great learning experience for all.

good job






Again, there are students to highlight today!

  • BRANDON HIRSCH for reaching his 40 Activities Goal on Achieve 3000
  • KEE’VON HIGHTOWER for being the school high scorer for yesterday and being the school weekly high scorer on Achieve 3000

In Blocks 2 & 3, today was finally presentation day. Several groups went today and did a remarkable job. The multi-media portion of most of them was outstanding. The groups who still have to go will really have to be good to compete with what has already been presented. Due to Job Shadowing and the 3 day weekend they will wrap up next Tuesday. Plenty of time to add extras to what you already have.

teacher absentI will not be at school tomorrow. I have to go to a meeting downtown, but should be back at school around 2:00. Mrs. Martin will be here for me and she knows everything. Luckily, you will not have to NOT do the homework because I am gone, there will not be  any homework. The daily blog topics should resume next week.

Next Thursday is Acuity Predictive C and the goal is for everyone to raise their scores. I am confident that you can rise to the occasion andthinking cap again prove yourselves to be the best there is. We will be reviewing and practicing Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday , and scoring high on Thursday. Make sure and put your thinking caps on that day.

The rabbi will be at North Junior High School on Thursday afternoon to speak to the 8th graders about the Holocaust. This should be very informative and interesting, especially after all of the things we have learned about that time period in the recent weeks.

AGENDA, February 14, 2013:

  • All projects and presentations started today, will conclude next Tuesday


  1. Block 1 – Achieve 3000, this is a long weekend and a lot of points can be earned during this time. You have this week and next to get points in to raise your lexile scores. Try hard, you can do it!
  2. All Blocks – catch up on any blogs you need to finish
  3. All Blocks – FREE READ!! Record on your reading log. If you need one they are on the window ledge in my room

long weekend 1Have a good time tomorrow with Job Shadowing, enjoy your long weekend, let me know if you need anything, and I will see you Tuesday.




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