Practice Today, Perfect Tomorrow…


icey roadsA new week and already a change of plans. Originally, Acuity was going to be given on Thursday of this week, but due to the forecast of the impending freezing rain on that day the plans have had to be changed. Today was the day to review, discuss, and practice for the Acuity Predictive C test that will be given tomorrow. If anyone wants to look over the practice again, here is the link. Acuity Predictive C Practice Please make sure andpractice makes perfect have your Netbook charged and ready to go. Being prepared always leads to good results. Remember the goals you have set for yourselves and work toward those tomorrow when you take the test. I have all of the faith in the world in all of you. I know Predictive C will show improvement for everyone.

Again, there is more good news from Block 1. Several students are doing outstanding work on Achieve 3000. It seems the competition is building and everyone is rising to the challenge and out doing themselves every day. Here are the latest results:

  • JACOB RICE – reached his 40 Activity Goal status, was the school weekly top scorer, and was the state’s top scorer for February 14. These are all huge accomplishments!
  • KEATON BRIGGS – reached his 40 Activity Goal status, yeah for him. This takes a lot of hard work.
  • BRANDON HIRSCH – reached his 40 Activity Goal status. he has really been putting in a lot of hard work.

CONGRATULATIONS to all these students for their hard work and dedication.

Here is a few of the suggestions for new books to read offered by Good Reads. You can access this site by going to Book Reads and following the instructions. It is interesting and gives a lot of titles that you might not have known about.

good reads

AGENDA. February 19, 2013:

  • Discuss change of plans
  • Practice, discuss, and prepare for Acuity tomorrow


  1. Practice using the link above for Acuity tomorrow
  2. Charge Netbooks and bring them to school ready to use
  3. Bring your Free Reading book, yes I said Free Reading book, to classreading beach tomorrow. It may not be this warm, but reading is always good!
  4. BLOG TOPIC: Today was practice for tomorrow’s Acuity test. How are you going to use the practice to help get a higher score? Also, what else are you going to do to ensure you get the highest score you have ever gotten on this test?
  5. “PAWS” – “PAWS” will be given to anyone that proves to me you have readpaws the blog. You can do this by writing on a scrap of paper, “I read the blog on 2/19/2013”. If I were you I would not let this secret out. Everyone needs to work to get their “PAWS”.

Blocks 2 & 3 – the presentations will resume this Thursday, so make sure and be ready.

Have a great afternoon and evening. Rest, eat a good breakfast, and great things are ahead on the Acuity Predictive C test tomorrow.


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