Ice , Ice , Baby…


freezing rainAll of you are way too young to remember that song. but it seems like it might describe the weather tomorrow. Hopefully everyone will have a safe trip to school and we can finally finish the presentations in Blocks 2 & 3.

Also, Block 1, I will be looking at your newspapers and printing them. Tomorrow you can make any changes necessary before I print. So far the ones I have seen look really good.

Acuity Predictive C was given today and overall I would say it was a success. Everyone did not meet their goal, but each class did raise their scores from Predictive B. Now it will be on to preparing for the writing portion of the ISTEP test on March 5, 2013.

put on calendarTomorrow afternoon the rabbi will be here to speak about the Holocaust. She will only be talking about the Jewish people and the Holocaust itself during that time. She will not be talking about religion. The program will be 8th & 9th periods in the PAC at the high school. Anyone is welcome to attend. This will be the final activity of the Holocaust unit the students have been studying.




AGENDA, February 20, 2013:

  • ACUITY Predictive C


  1. Bring Free reading book tomorrow – required
  2. Be ready for presentations/newspapers
  3. NO BLOG TOPIC TODAY! Look out next week, there will be one every day.

This is a light news day due to Acuity, so this is all I have.  no news is good news


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