Countdown to ISTEP + writing…


ISTEPThis week we will be learning strategies and practice to be able to get the highest ISTEP+ scores ever. These skills, strategies, graphic organizers, workshops, and practices will not only be beneficial for the standardized test but will also help to guide better writing at all levels in the future. Each day I will be featuring one or more of these strategies, skills or practices, along with links to any materials that are needed.

Today’s strategy is RUPR. This strategy guides students in reading and using the writing prompt, making sure to include all of the information necessary.

Here is another explanation, including definitions for the acronym RUPR

These are the practice prompts that were used today before the notes were put on them.  RUPR from workbook

Here are the same pages with the notes on them. RUPR notes

REMINDER: Everyone needs a Free Reading book in class EVERYDAY! I will be checking for books tomorrow. The reading logs will be due soon.

AGENDA, February 25, 2013:

  • Free reading
  • RUPR strategy


  1. Finish the two prompts using the RUPR method
  2. BLOG TOPIC: Tell how you would include everything in the writing prompt by using the RUPR strategy. Explain this using all of the steps.

under the weatherHopefully, I will be feeling better tomorrow. If you are in Block 1 make sure you are doing Achieve 3000 at home. Have a good evening.


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