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the places you will go


It is Tuesday and we are still on the quest for good writing skills. All of the classes are not on the same page today so I am going to dividing things into Block 1 and Blocks 2 & 3. Make sure you are being very careful to read and complete the sections that go with your block. There will be a lot of information today.


Block 1 –

Today was an eye-opening experience for Block 1. We realized that SOME of the students are not doing what is expected from them. We discussed that in order to benefit from what is taught, explained, modeled, and practiced in class each day the students need to do their part in completing the requirements. Growth comes with practice and hard work, hopefully everyone will reconsider their role in class and begin giving it their all. With that being said, some of the students are doing an amazing job!! Yeah, for them.

AGENDA – Block 1 – February 26, 2013:

  • Discuss good learning practices, completing work, participating, and doing your best
  • Worked on RUPR (see yesterday’s blog for info on this) practice sheet
  • Free read & checked for books


  1. Finish RUPR Practice Sheet
  2. Complete one article on Achieve 3000
  3. Bring Free Reading book tomorrow
  4. BLOG TOPIC: After discussing good learning practices today, how could you improve what you do in and out of the classroom each day. How will doing these things help not only your grades but also your overall learning and understanding.

**Keep in mind that if you are unable to complete your work, participate, and follow classroom rules you will be staying after-school with me or Mrs. Jones. We are here until 4:00pm every day of the week.

Blocks 2 & 3 –

Today in Blocks 2 & 3, we also had to have a conversation about talking and talking and talking. This seems to have escalated to a level that class time is being wasted because a few people cannot be quiet and listen. In these blocks there is plenty of time for sharing, but I do draw the line when I am modeling a new skills or instructing and side-bar conversations are going on. I must admit that it is a very few students doing this, but it is enough that it has to be addressed daily. I have now reached my limit. If these students continue they will be able to stay after school with me any day of the week, I am here every day until 4:00.

QARThe new strategy for today was QAR – Question, Answer, Relationship – here is a Prezi that helps to explain it, http://prezi.com/7f4e3_apdbib/qar-questions/?auth_key=5158919f170be943e4bedaa4a6c385bebc8ec6ad&kw=view-7f4e3_apdbib&rc=ref-965474&utm_source=share&utm_campaign=shareprezi&utm_medium=email

The following questions help the students find the answers to questions more efficiently:

Right There – in one sentence in the text, usually one word or a short phrase

Think and Share – in the text but found in several placesQAR 1

In My Head – not 100% in the text, not in the text word for word, comes from clues from both the text and prior knowledge

On My Own – entirely from prior knowledge, inference (draw conclusions), does not require information from the text, requires the student to make  a judgement about or relate to the topic

AGENDA – Blocks 2 & 3 –February 26, 2013:


  1. Finish RUPR practice if not done
  2. Bring Free Reading Book
  3. Complete QAR practice assignment
  4. BLOG TOPIC: Explain the 4 types of QAR questions and how to find answers in the text for each kind.

Here is some information you will need for tomorrow, you do NOT have to even open it tonight.  You cannot work ahead because you do not know what to do. I am just putting it on now so we can access it tomorrow.


QAR sample question practice

Have a great evening. Even though I had to write about some things happening in class right now, I still enjoy having you everyday. You are amazing students. I only want to make sure you are the best you can be. See you tomorrow


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