Quiet, Geniuses At Work…


genius at workThat sign needed to be posted outside of my door today. Everyone was actively participating in the ISTEP + writing review. After today, we are ready!

The blog today will be dedicated to including all of the review strategies and practices we went over today in class. All of the pictures and links are available so that all of the students can take a look at them one more time tonight before the test begins tomorrow.


RUPR;   RUPR from workbook; RUPR notes



***Number 2: Circles of Knowledge

Circles of Knowledge




















***Number 3: Yo-Yo Beginnings and Endings




***Number 4: Pump Up Your Writing


pump up your writing

















Assignment: Do 3 sentences



***Number 5: Transitions


transition-word-practice; transition-words-typable


Agenda, March 4, 2013:

  • Review and discuss all of the above strategies and practices



  1. Transitions worksheets
  2. Pump Up Your Writing – 3 sentences
  3. Mystery Question – on the back of the transitions worksheet, along with your sentences, list all of the strategies that were reviewed today and how you will use each one. This can be short, but must include all for “PAWS” and points.


Last (transition, WOW), don’t forget to follow the TopTen Tips for ISTEP+.

Top Ten Tips to get through ISTEP

Have a good evening and be ready for a wonderful day of ISTEP+ testing tomorrow. I look forward to all of your excellent writing.




















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