ISTEP+ Writing = Success, Now Onward We Go…


istep 1The writing portion of this year’s ISTEP+ test can now be put in the history books and if someone looked it up they would see, SUCCESS! Everyone seemed to do a fantastic job. They focused more, planned more, thought more, and therefore wrote more. They used the strategies and modeled activites that were practiced in class. I have never, in all of my years of teaching had so many students come and in and say how “great” they thought they did, how “they wrote to the very last line, and how they used “all” of the time that was allowed. It was two very good days at North Junior High School.  I am very anxious to see the fantastic scores that will accompany all of this hard work. Now, as most of you know, when one thing ends, another begins. Thus, we will begin the trek to exemplary scores on the multiple choice portion of the ISTEP+ as of now.


Friday of this week will be the last meeting I have to go to comcerning collaboration/inclusion. Mrs. Martin will be here. I realize this will be posted on Wednesday, but this plan is going is for both Thurdsay and Friday. This means you will have to use this blog post for both days. I am putting the task sheet here so you can access the links to the work.


**Task Sheet    

Thursday, March 7, 2013 and Friday, March 8, 2013

Hello Everyone,

Here is your task sheet for today and tomorrow. You know how to use this. There will one for today and tomorrow, when Mrs. Martin will be here. I think Friday will be my LAST meeting for a while.

 1.   Free Reading

scholastic march 112.   Use Scholastic Scope Magazine both days.

3.   First, read “The Race Against Death” article. When finished reading, take the Comprehensive Quiz, multiple choice answers only. Write your answers on your own paper, we will grade them Monday and this will be on this grading period. You can use one paper to put ALL of your answers on. SCOPE-031113-The Race Against Death-Quiz

4.   Second, read “Hey You, Wake Up!” After reading the article take the Comprehension Quiz, multiple choice answers only. SCOPE-031113-Hey You, Wake Up-Quiz

5.   Third, read “The Secret Soldier” and take the Comprehension Quiz, multiple choice answers only. SCOPE-031113-The Secret Soldier-Quiz

6.   Next, read; What Would St. Patrick Say About That?” You will be doing some skill review now. Read and review the skill pages and then answer the questions. Do ALL of the questions on all of these pages. There are 4 of these; capitalization, run-on sentences, transitions, pronoun/antecedent agreement. SCOPE-031113-St Patrick-CapitalizationSCOPE-031113-St Patrick-RunOnsRamblersSCOPE-031113-St Patrick-Transitions; SCOPE-031113-St Patrick-PronounAntecedent

7.    Last, there is a whole magazine crossword puzzle. It will give you clues as to where to find the answers. Write the answers to this on your own paper too. Just number the down and across clues and give the answer. SCOPE-031113-Crossword

8. The READING LOGS will be due no later than Monday so they can be counted on this grading period. If you need one they are in the basket on the window tocan


Now, I am certain that all of you know the proper way to behave whether I am at school or not. Mrs. Martin will expect the same behavior as I do. Please remember that your voice level should NEVER be above a “1”.  If she has to leave a name, I will issue an after school detention, with NO questions asked. You will not need to ask a lot of questions because this task sheet covers everything. I can be reached by email if there is any need (

Please mark these tasks off as you complete them and be finished for grading Monday. You should have no trouble making progress on these if you are working.  I will praise you in advance for the amazing behavior and hard work you will do when I am gone. Email me if you need something, I should be able to reply fairly quickly. Please make me proud, as you always do! Behave and have a wonderful day Friday.


                   security notice 

 Make sure and bring your free reading book and your charged Netbook both days and every day after that.

Thanks again for all of your hard and dedicated work on the ISTEP+ test this week. I could not have prouder of all of you. Everyone needs to give themselves a pat on the back. High five to each of you!


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