Have You Been Ironicized??



The skill for today was irony and from that came the creation of the new word “ironicized”. Daniel Sellers gets the credit for this addition to our vocabulary, gold star to him. From this skill we learned that all of us seem to have mastered the art of verbal irony. Now on to situational and dramatic irony. Here is the power point that was covered in class today in Blocks 2 & 3. It is on the agenda for Block 1 tomorrow. What is Irony Power Point

I must bring up the topic of grades and report cards. Overall, the grades were very good, but there seems to be some students that have not been working to the best of their ability. Next grading period there are going to be more checkpointsreport cardimplemented to assure accountability for all. This will not be difficult for those doing their best, but this could bring some changes (hopefully positive) for those who are in need of improvement. These will be starting tomorrow with an exit ticket in connection with “free reading”.

library booksSpeaking of “free reading”, we are going to the library tomorrow instead of Thursday. Please bring your books back so they can either be returned or renewed. Remember that a “free reading” book is REQUIRED every day and an exit ticket will be completed for each day’s reading. I will be doing reading workshop and the “I DO” portion of class with the novel, True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle and students will be using their own “free reading” books for the “We Do” portion. This will be followed up with the “You Do” daily blog post about the skill for the day.

It also seems that not all students are taking advantage of this wonderful blog. I personally find that hard to imagine (sarcasm/irony), so because of that I will be putting something on each day that has to either be answered or turned in, etc. for points. This means that everyone needs to be reading every word of the blog every day!

AGENDA, March 12, 2013:

  • Block 1 – Grade SCOPE magazine skills practice
  • Blocks 2 & 3 – Free read
  • Irony
  • Started The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle


  1. Bring library books tomorrow
  2. Have “free reading” book in class
  3. No mystery task today, these will start tomorrow

Have a great evening and enjoy the beautiful weather. This is the beginning of the last grading period of the year, let’s make it the best ever!


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